Workout of the Day

a) 10 DB Snatch
b) :20-:30 Handstand Hold
c) 8 Burpees

You do just one exercise each minute, so you’ll do each four times. Scale the handstands to piking on a box – try to get upside down. If you need to scale the time to less that 20 seconds, that’s fine. And today is Burpee Day 32, so they are built into the workout. You’re welcome.


Burpee | Dumbbell Snatch

For Total Time
Row 250
rest 1 min
Row 500
rest 1 min
Row 750
rest 1 min
Row 1000

Straight cardio intervals today of one to four minutes each, with only a 1 min rest in between. Pacing is key. Go hard but not all-out (about 80-85% perceived max effort) on the first set of 250. Watch your 500m pace on the monitor. Then try to stay within 5-10 seconds of that pace on each consecutive interval. Last 200 meters of the last round., empty the tank!