Workout of the Day

Clean & Jerk for load:
#1: 1 rep
#2: 1 rep
#3: 1 rep

Take about 10 mins to build up to heavy weight and then about 6 mins to hit the three 1-rep attempts. There are only three attempts because this is really just a strong build up for the met-con. You should hit a weight in these three that is heavier than what you will do in the met-con.

(What’s a met-con? It’s short for metabolic conditioning, also known as the “conditioning” in a Strength and Conditioning program, which CrossFit is. Think high heart rate, intervals. That’s a met-con).


Power Clean | Squat Clean | Clean | Push Jerk | Split Jerk

11 Power Cleans (135/95)
11 OTB Burpees
19 Deadlift (135/95)
18 Pull Ups

Every Veterans Day, hundreds of gyms across the nation host WOD for Warriors, a functional fitness workout, to support Team RWB and the men and women who have served our country. All proceeds support Team RWB’s mission.

Team RWB insists that all veterans have the opportunity to reclaim what was most precious about their military service: an unwavering sense of belonging born of challenges that show us what we each of us is capable of.

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Burpee | Deadlift | Power Clean | Pull-up (Kipping)