Workout of the Day

Click here for a Zoom WOD at 5pm:

Start a 20 min clock

Buy in: 200 singles(200 quick feet)/100 DU(100 penguin taps)

Then, AMRAP with remaining time
– 8 squat jumps or 4/4 single arm thrusters with DB or KB
– 8 alt lunges or 4/4 single arm OH lunges with DB or KB
– 8 push ups
– 8 up/downs

Score rounds and reps


Kettlebell Swing | Push Up | Thruster | Walking Lunge

How long can you hold a plank? The world record is 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. And that was done by a 62-year old dude.

Surely you can hold two minutes?


Get in a nice 45-minute full-body yoga session in. It should be challenging, but not overly so. Allow your body to stretch and heal, while building physical mindfulness.