Workout of the Day

Deadlift – 15 Minutes
3-3-3 Tempo (30×1) + build at normal pace

For the strength today, we are using the time to warm up the deadlift in two ways priming the body for the workout. First, using 3 sets with a 30×1 tempo to drill perfect positions under light-moderate loads. The tempo is slowing down the
movement building good mechanics and movement patterns. After the first 3 sets, we take the tempo away and build in the remaining time.

30×1 is not 30 times 1. It represents four numbers. 3,0,x,1
– First number is the descent. Starting from the hips, take 3 seconds to lower the bar to the floor.
– Second number is time spent on the floor. 0 means touch and go
– Third number is the lift. X means as fast as possible (maintaining good form)
– Fourth number is the hold at the top, in this case one second



For Time
Deadlift (225/155)*

*after each round of Deadlift:
8 Handstand Push Ups
16 Plate Ground 2 Overhead (45/35)

The deadlifts should be heavy, but doable unbroken. We don’t want these to be automatic reps – athletes should be consciously thinking about the positions for each pull. The handstand push-ups should be done in no more than 2 sets each round. We will make sure that you athletes choose a proper scaling option to allow for the work to be completed in 2 sets. The G2OH are going to be
the kicker in this workout – they can be done fast and unbroken for those fitter athletes while others might approach them more conservatively to save the lungs.

Expect somewhere in the 15 min range


Deadlift | Handstand Push-Up | Push Up