Workout of the Day

5-8 Renegade Push Ups
15 MB Rotations

Renegade push ups: With hands on a pair of dumbbells, do 1 Push Up, then row right, row left. As heavy as possible. Do your best to limit rotation of the body when you do the row.


Push Up | Row

For Time
DB Push Press (50/35)
Pull Ups

EMOM 4 Up Downs
(start with 4 Up Dns)

On the count of 3,2,1..go! you start with 4 Up-Downs. Then you are trying to get through the reps as fast as possible, doing 10 Push Press (pair of dummbells), then 10 Pull Ups. Then 9 Push Press and 9 Pull Ups.

But keep an eye on the clock! Every minute you have to stop where you are and do 4 Up Downs.

Scale to a weight on the dumbbells that you can do 10 unbroken, otherwise it’s going to get heavy fast.


Dumbbell Push Press | Pull-up (Kipping)