3-5 Handstand Push Ups
6 Step Ups w/ slow eccentric descent, (each leg)

Push Press

Power Snatch
Pull Ups

Couch Stretch
2x1min each leg
*All WODs subject to change based on the Redskins score.

Good Read:  Why Barbells Are Better Than Machines, by Mark Rippetoe
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Need Help on Olympic Lifts?

If you would like a little extra help in a semi-private, slowed-down environment,  Colby is holding a session this Saturday at 12:15pm.  It will be focused exclusively on the clean, jerk and snatch.  No wod, no timers, no pressure.  Just spend 60 to 90 minutes getting a little more confident in the lifts.
This is meant for people who feel like they are still “beginners”.  Pricing will be anywhere from $30-$50 depending on how many people show up.  See Colby or Steve to sign up.