In 12 Mins
3 x 10 Toes to Bar
3 x 25 MB Rotation
3 x 10 Sumo Stance Good Morning (weighted)

3 Rounds
25 Wall Ball
100 Double Unders
10-15 mins of Mobility

This is the final week of The Open and the final week of our Squat Cycle.  We will squat on Tuesday and Thursday at or above 90%.
Given the amount of work we have been doing over these 5-6 weeks, next week you can expect to de-load significantly, both in terms of weights used and the intensity level of the workouts.  I never use the word “easy”, but you should think of next week as a chance to recover and let your body absorb the work you have been doing.
But that’s next week.  We still have one more to heavy up and maybe hit some PRs with the Open workout.  Great job to everyone who has been pushing through it.  Let’s finish strong!