With summer vacation season approaching, this a good time to go over Second Wind’s membership policies for putting holds on your account.
We do not hold you to any length of contract.  Your membership is at will and you may terminate at any time.  You may also put your membership on hold for travel, injury or illness.  It’s our desire to be flexible and help you make the membership work, so I ask for the following considerations.
You may put your membership on hold under the following conditions:

  • You have to ask for it.  If you are on a membership plan, you are automatically being billed each month, whether you pay cash or credit card.  Please don’t disappear and tell me later you would like a refund for the time you missed.
  • You have to make the request  to stop payment before your billing date.  Every person’s billing date is different.  It’s up to you to know yours.  I can tell you if you don’t know.
  • Please make the request by email so we both have a record of it.
  • If you ask for one month off, I will give you one month off and resume billing you again when that month is over.
  • I can’t give anything less than a month off…no two week suspensions, please.

Obviously you can’t predict illnesses or injuries, so if one of those becomes a factor in missing time, please speak to me directly.
Questions?  Please ask.