Gayle Back SquatIt probably stems from my being an only child, but I consider myself a pretty independent person when it comes to getting things done. I really don’t like asking for help, which to some, may be classified as a weakness. While I do “work well with others,” sometimes there isn’t an “other” there to work with.
Like that time about three months ago at Ikea when I hoped the desk I wanted to purchase would be in two separate boxes. It was all in one. The sticker read, “65 lbs.”
Three years ago, I probably would have gone in search of the guy in the yellow Ikea polo shirt and asked him to put the box on my cart. This time, I thought to myself, “I know I can lift 65 pounds OVER MY HEAD, surely I can SLIDE it onto my cart.”
Of course, as I was moving it, I wished it were in the shape of barbell, but you can’t have everything. I felt proud as hell pushing that awkward Ikea cart to the register and I wanted to tell everyone, “See this big, heavy box? Oh yeah, I pulled that shit off the shelf all by myself!”
So, in addition to being able to lift heavy stuff, which definitely helps in the independence and self-esteem departments, lifting weights is beneficial to women’s bone health, especially as we get older. And while lifting little 5-lb. dumbbells like they demonstrate in various women’s magazines is better than not lifting anything at all, lifting more weight (correctly) is way more beneficial and much, much cooler.
Don’t you think?
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