4 Rounds
run 200
run 200
run 400
rest :30 after 200s
rest 1min after 400s
This month we are going to focus on improving our running technique. Like the weight lifting and gymnastics movements we do on a regular basis, running requires focus on good form and proper body position. We tend to lose that good form as we get older…and as we fatigue.
The focus on running will be on foot strike. Are you landing on the heel? If so, this is slowing you down and making you work harder. We want to shift your balance more forward so you are running mostly on the balls of your feet.
We will work on drills to help you run more efficiently as well as hyper-focus on mobility that is important to helping you run injury-free.
Each week this month there will be one workout where we are outside and we are just running. I understand there are some people for whom this is a problem. If you have an injury (or pregnancy) that prevents you from running, you can still come and learn some technique. Otherwise, consider making that your rest day. We do not want to leave anyone in the gym alone while we are out running.
For those of you that simply hate to run, you NEED to come on these days. Don’t cherry pick the workouts. Come learn to run better and maybe you will hate it less over time.
Expect running workouts such as: sprints, hill repeats, shuttle runs and at the end of the month, the 5K.Lin, in support of our friend and uber-runner K. Lin who is still recovering from back surgery.
I chose June because the days are longest, so we have daylight for the early and late classes, and hopefully we have nice weather for most of the month.
One other related note, we will continue to occasionally focus on a specific skill, but after June it won’t be every month.
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