From CrossFit HQ: We would like to invite you, your coaches, and your members to another local CrossFit gathering with Coach Glassman at CrossFit DC as we continue to support and fight for public health.
Coach would like to take this time to thank the D.C. CrossFit community for your support and grassroots work in the past several months. Our affiliates are on the front lines of the battle for public health, and we’d love to have you as our guest to listen to Greg speak and enjoy some lunch and time with fellow CrossFitters.
This is a great opportunity to meet Coach Glassman (if you haven’t already!) and learn more about CrossFit and the CrossFit Foundation’s most recent health education and advocacy work. During this time, Coach will be focusing on our fight to defend CrossFit affiliates’ ability to give the best coaching and nutritional advice to their members, as well as diving into CrossFit’s ongoing push for scientific integrity. In addition, Coach will discuss our upcoming focus on nutrition free speech issues. Questions are always encouraged and welcomed!
Come to CrossFit DC (1365 H St NE) on Friday, February 17th, to hear Coach speak at 1:00pm and share tacos with your fellow CrossFitters!
We’ll open the taco bar at noon, so arrive early for lunch and the opportunity to meet Greg and other members of CrossFit HQ, as well as mingle with your fellow DC CrossFit community!