theo-spartanWhy this? Why the Ultra/Beast Spartan event?

I don’t recall whose idea it was originally but that first year we all went to a Sprint with bunch of second wind folks got me started on this path. Those 3 miles killed me and I loved it!! I wanted to see what more I could do. I asked around and only 2 people (Grant and Any) were excited to try again. That next year was the year of the trifecta (sprint, super and beast), after completing those the next big obstacle was the Killington Ultra. That’s two laps of the beast, approximately 32 miles, 5 miles of total elevation gain, 60+ obstacles, a “death” march, and only 30 percent success rate. Obviously we had to try!!
Why again? What made you sign up again immediately after the first?

First and foremost I had a blast training with these guys! I’m not sure how immediate the sign up was…I’m pretty sure I said ‘thank god I don’t ever have to do that again” leaving the mountain. The next day I new that was a lie. Once Grant and Andy were up for it I was in and, in all honesty, I new I was going to miss running that particular race again. It really is stunning at the top of the mountain, climbing the tallest obstacle and taking a moment at the top to catch your breath and take in the view, especially on that second lap.

What has been the hardest part about training?

Realizing that my distance training was taking away from my strength training. That was pretty aggravating for me. I had to find a balance between increasing strength and being able to run distance the distances I needed and still finish the race in time.
How much training were you doing at your peak?
I worked up to a month where I ran 90 miles total. At that months peak I was probably climbing stairs or running at lunchtime and coming to the gym for a 5:30 workout 3 or 4 times that week, culminating with a 4 hour workout on Saturday consisting of run, bootcamp, run, WOD.
How has CrossFit fit (or not fit) into the overall training plan?
CrossFit was integral to my training. Honestly running itself is sort of boring but throw in a workout in the middle and all of a sudden there something to look forward to. The obstacle races are also very crossfit like. Run a little, stop and pick something up, run a little, do some sort of pull up action….and of course burpees! so many burpees!! Being able to just start running again, even at a jog, after 30 burpees I attribute to crossfit workouts.
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