grant-mudWhy this? Why the Ultra/Beast Spartan event?
Because it’s the most badass thing that I could maybe actually accomplish. There are definitely harder/tougher races out there, but this is the one for me.
Why again? What made you sign up again immediately after the first?
The morning after the last race, which I failed to finish, when we were driving away you could see the Sunday racers out doing the regular Beast, and I felt such longing. I missed being out on the mountain. And plus I was really close to finishing last year.
I’m looking forward to a sense of accomplishment and resolution if I get that buckle! But I’m not in it for the win.
Mostly, I think it’s interesting to observe, late in the race, just how much of a machine your body really is. Whatever metabolic chemical mix you have in your blood keeps your legs to keep moving, or prevents them from moving, or makes them seize up.
And also your mind. I tend to identify with my moods and thoughts, but on the course, it’s clear: thoughts of gloom and doom “Why am I doing this? Life has no meaning.” vs “God the way the sun is setting over the forest is so beautiful. I’m so lucky to be able to be out here enjoying it” are directly related to my blood sugar levels đŸ™‚ I think about that in my normal life now, that thoughts and feelings have an unreal component to them.
What has been the hardest part about training?
Honestly, the hardest part this year has been trying to train at all by myself. Andy’s work schedule kept him out of a lot of training runs and with Theo in Greece, I didn’t really have anyone to make me do it. I’m terrible at making myself workout. That’s why I go to CrossFit! All I have to do is show up. The workout just kind of happens while I’m there. It’s the weirdest thing.
I just want to say I think Andy is really setting a great example for the whole box about owning your workout, and especially for me, since I tend to err on the side of red-lining it.
How much training were you doing at your peak?
For me, weekly workouts (a long run (10+ miles) and a wod or two), were really it. Not as much as last year!
How has CrossFit fit (or not fit) into the overall training plan?
Spartans involve everything: push, pull, run, carry, hang… all the stuff we do in CrossFit. Also, I tell myself that my cells build more mitochondria on the long runs, and CrossFit keeps them from dissolving back into my cells during the week.
Anything else you would like to add…
It’s really been wonderful to have everyone at the gym follow along on our adventures. I really appreciate the community of support we provide for each other on our crazy adventures đŸ™‚ Dani is running 100 miles, and Bunch is doing the Ironman?!?! It’s very inspirational to be around people who try hard things. To aspire for something that seems a bit out of reach at the start.
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