Workout of the Day

Every 3 Mins for 30 Minutes
– 15/12 cal Row
– 12 HR Push Ups
– 9 Up-Dn Box Jumps

Keep grinding! Aim for the same time or better every round. If necessary for newbies or deconditioned athletes, scale the reps AND rest a whole round to maintain the same pace for the whole workout.

The goal in the three minutes is to perform about 2:00 of work and have about
a minute rest. There should be a smooth transition off the row and right into the HR push-ups. These will be tough to maintain if this is a movement you struggle with but are an opportunity for that breath to come back a little. Up-downs will keep the heart rate up just a bit more but here should be a push to finish because that means a rest before the next round.

Overall pacing should be fast and smooth and held for the entire workout.
If you need to skip a round to recover, that’s fine.


Push Up | Row | Tire Flip