Workout of the Day

3 Hang Power Clean +
2 Front Squat +
1 Hang Squat Clean

In 15 mins, build to a heavy set. Please use the Pound Pads.


Clean | Front Squat | Hang Power Clean

6 Rounds
1:30 on/:30 off

3 Hang Power Clean (155/105)
2 Front Squats
1 Hang Squat Clean
12 Toes to Bar
Max BB Front Rack Hold

A great barbell cycling workout to kick off the weekend! The strength session is all about proper position, smooth barbell cycling, and efficiency. Strive for superb positioning throughout.

As the weight gets heavier, you shouldn’t speed through the lifting to avoid time under tension. Time under tension is a big part of what we are trying to accomplish today. Get comfortable within each position!

Some really valuable components for the workout today. Intervals, moderate weight barbell, gymnastics, and a static barbell front rack hold.

You work for 90 seconds and rest for 30.

Weight on the barbell should be significantly less than what you worked up to during the strength session. If you are in doubt, a general guideline is 70-75% of what you successfully lifted in the strength session. Grip and heavy breathing will become limiting factors with all of the pulling, hanging, and time under tension on the static hold.

Score for load on barbell since we already determined reps and time.


Clean | Hang Power Clean | Power Clean | Power Clean and Push Jerk | Toes-to-Bar