Workout of the Day

Back Squat for load:
#1: 5 reps
#2: 5 reps
#3: 5 reps
#4: 3 reps
#5: 3 reps
#6: 3 reps
#7: 3 reps

Strength day makes you stronger and look better naked!

We’ve got 7 rounds of heavy back squats today. Each of these rounds should be heavy for as many reps as you are doing. So get a good thorough warm up and hit that first set of 5 reps hard. You definitely want to go up in weight from your 5s to you 3s. Your choice on whether you go up within each set of 5 or each set of 3. If you finish a set of 5 and think you could have done 6 or 7, you need to add weight. Don’t be afraid to fail, either by dumping the bar behind you or with spotters.


Back Squat

Side plank reach through (20/side)
30 v-ups (advanced can hold small med ball!)
couch stretch (2 min/side)