Workout of the Day

min 1: max reps DB Bear Complex
min 2: 5 Strict Pull Ups
min 3: 20/15 cal Row

DB Bear Complex (2 DBs):
1 Hang Power Clean +
1 Front Squat +
1 Push Press +
1 Front Squat +
1 Push Press

EMOM that will challenge athletes to work close to every full minute (:50 worth of work then transition). Min 1 should be unbroken at a smooth pace…do not sprint this station. Strict Pull Ups should be anywhere from 3-8 reps depending on your proficiency and scale. Row should be the “toughest” station with the fastest pace. Scale to a calorie number on the row that a tough pace will allow you to finish in :45-:50.

This is a tough TRAINING EMOM. There’s a difference between training and game day. This should not be a workout that you fail or looking to set a PR. The value of this workout is in the carry over effect to other workouts where you are looking to push at a max effort. This is your training…approach it in a sustainable, tough pace.


Dumbbell Hang Power Clean | Dumbbell Push Press | Pull-up (Strict) | Row