Workout of the Day

min 1) 20/15 cal Row
min 2) 15 Burpees

OK, this one is going to get gnarly and require some prep work to dial in a precise scaling strategy. Very few are going to be able to maintain this as Rx, but its a worthy goal.

This workout demands athletes be able to row at a tough pace consistently and
be able to manage the fatigue on the burpees. You should be getting off the
rower, take a few breaths, and then get right into the burpees. The row ‘is what it
is’ in this workout…the pace is consistent and tough for everyone. Going too
hard will blow up your lungs and not advisable. And going too slow…well, you
just won’t make it. But in the burpees…athletes have a little bit more wiggle
room to strategize. Burpees at a tough pace will get you done at :35-40 seconds.

Scaling strategy is important. Go into it with YOUR numbers and maintain for as many minutes as possible. If you fail, that’s your score (most rounds completed), take a minute or two off and continue.


Burpee | Row