Open 16.1 (Rx)
25ft Overhead Walking Lunge (95/65)
8 Burpees
25ft Overhead Walking Lunge
8 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Open 16.1 (Scaled)
25ft Front Rack Walking Lunge (45/33)
8 Burpees
25ft Front Rack Walking Lunge
8 Jumping Pull Ups
Standards and scales here.

I mentioned to someone yesterday that the hardest thing for me about the Open was giving up the programming to someone else; I hate that.  This workout is a good example.
Bear with us, folks.  This is a logistical nightmare for small gyms like us.  And I mean literally small, like in square footage.  I would never have written this workout and it is going to be very hard to get everyone through it in a timely fashion.
The wod requires carrying a barbell 25 feet.  I just came back from the gym at 9pm and did some measuring.  There are only two places where that’s possible.  So we will measure out smaller sections and you’re going to have to turn around.  Even then, only four people can do this workout, either scaled or Rx, at one time.
(If you are not registered for the game, your lunges will just be in place, not moving across the floor.)
On top of the space challenges, it’s a damn 20-minute AMRAP, meaning we can’t get in a bunch of waves.
I am thinking more of the morning classes when we need to be out in an hour.  For Friday night and Saturday afternoon, I guess we just take as long as we need.  Doing these outside is also an option, but with your knee needing to hit the pavement on every rep, that doesn’t sound too appealing either.
Please be patient with us and if Friday seems like a good day for a rest day, well, it’s a good day for a rest day.