Workout of the Day

Handstand Push-Ups: Max Reps

Practice Your Handstand Push-Ups*
*Different Drills Depending on Level:
Intro – Box HS Push-Up, HS Hold, or HS Negs
Intermediate – Strict or Kipping in Small Sets
Advanced – Deficit Strict or Kipping for Reps


Handstand Push-Up

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Every 4 mins x 6 Rds
7 Up Down Devil Press (35/20)
14 DB Front Squat
15 cal Row

(Score is Time for Each Set)

Originally intended to be 5 rounds…we made it 6. Why? Because love hurts and
in the 4th, 5th, and 6th round…this will REALLY HURT. This is a workout where we want athletes to smash the gas pedal and see what they are made of each round. In a workout like this, you can coast for sure…which is fine for athletes looking to get a good sweat or need a recovery day (don’t knock the recovery pace!)…BUT if you want to really get the most out of this workout, you need to be uncomfortable from the start. And even if you want to really dial in the DB movements and focus on mechanics — you should try to push the row.

Devils Press:


Front Squat | Row