Workout of the Day

For Load
Power Snatch

* Each set is unbroken, which is a bit of a new stimulus with Snatch. You can “rest” at the waist or overhead, but not on the ground. So hold that hook grip throughout each set.

Increase weight each set. Rest as needed between sets, but note the time cap of 10 mins.

We are scoring load for each set, not total time.



Run 100m (either to Morelands and back or the other corner and back)
10 OH DB Lunges
20 Sit Ups

* For the lunges, alternate legs and switch hands after 5 reps. Lunges can be forward or backward. One leg is one rep. The pace should be quick from the start with all reps unbroken. These are shorter runs than we normally do so, sprint!


Run | Sit-up | Walking Lunge