Open 15.5

Row (calories)
(Rx – 95/65lbs.  Scaled: 65/45lbs)

OK, sorry, but this is my kind of workout.  I love the combination of mono-structural work (running, rowing, jump rope) with weight lifting.
This is a burner that the pros can do in under 8 minutes.  Most of us can reasonably expect to double that number.  Please take some time to review rowing technique, and focus on keeping a strong core to best use your legs in the drive.  Set the damper a little higher than you usually do since calories are calculated primarily based on how hard you are pulling.
As for the thruster, spend as little time staring at the bar as possible.  Put your hands on it and pick it up.  Remember, it only hurts when you stop :).
Seriously, this is going to be fun.
As usual, your opportunities to do this WOD are during the Friday morning classes, Friday night from 4:30-8pm and Saturday at 11am. If you have to do it some other time, please let Steve know.  Friday night, BYO food to share and lets end the Open with a party.

Row Technique Tips