IMG_0496 copyFrustrated by your double-unders?  Need to work on your snatch technique?  Looking for a little help on the kipping pull-up?
If you feel like there is something in your game that needs a little more personal attention and focus with a trained eye, then consider a Skill Session with one of our coaches.
Skill Sessions are 30 minutes dedicated to something on which you want to focus.  That could be a lift, a gymnastics skill or even swimming, biking or running.
Each of our coaches has unique skills, qualifications and ways of teaching athletic movement.  We encourage you to use them as resources to get better at the things we do here in CrossFit.
Below is a list of coaches and some suggested skills they can help you with.  Suggested.  (I was reminded by Morgan, who is really, really good at double-unders and struggles with squats, that she actually teaches squats better than she does double-unders.)  If a coach thinks another coach might be better at teaching that skill, he/she will let you know.
30-minute sessions are $40 each.
To make an appointment, simply contact the coach of your choice and agree on a mutual time.  We are allowing these during regular class times for now…we’ll see how that goes.
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