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Tell us about yourself.
Hi!  I’m Grant.  I’m an Aries.  I like pan-fried spiralized zucchini, psychological thrillers, and sunny Saturday afternoons sitting in DuPont Circle.  I can fix your computer, but I’d rather talk to you about your feelings.
What class do you usually attend?
5:30 all the way!!!
How long have you been training at Second Wind CrossFit? And why Second Wind?
A couple of years now(?)  I came at first because it was closest.  Now I live across the street from Crossfit Petworth, but I can’t even think about going anywhere else because of you guys!!!
What has CrossFit done for you?
So many things in my life are chaotic and mentally and emotionally challenging.  CrossFit is like a secret clubhouse where my friends and I go to be totally awesome.
What is your favorite lift, or movement, or workout?
I like a busy strength day!  I’m also happy anytime I see back squats on the board.  I would love, at some point to actually complete that nightmare 7/13 front squat/ back squat workout (or whatever it was).  That one was tough!
Write a WOD.
Hold a plank for 5 min, every minute on the minute do 10 push ups.
EMOM: 3 Rounds for 15 minutes total of
8 pistol squats (one is one)
12 backsquats (at 75%)
12 Bulgarian split squat
20 wall balls
What exercise makes you want to turn around and head home?
I just checked my relationship status with rowing:  it’s complicated.
What do you do when youʼre not doing CrossFit?
Shopping for CrossFit gear.
Whatʼs your favorite movie of all time?
Singing in the Rain.
Whatʼs your favorite song to workout to?
No Church in the Wild.
Or… what song should be added to our playlist?
Anything by The Go! Team, their whole catalog should be in our regular rotation (but at least these songs: Huddle Formation, Grip Like a Vice, The Wrath of Marcie…)
What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I have a top secret security clearance. I know, right?!
Whatʼs your biggest accomplishment in the gym?
I’m so proud of my muscle up!!!!  Thank you, Steve!
I was in a drunken stupor.
I’m kicking butt and taking names!  Thanks, Exercise!