brad1Tell us about yourself.
I am from San Diego and moved to DC 16 years ago to work on Capitol Hill. I am married with two young kids and we live in Chevy Chase, DC. I work for a global pharmaceutical company leading their DC based international government affairs and policy efforts.
What class do you usually attend?
4:30 or 5:30
How long have you been training at Second Wind CrossFit?
And why Second Wind?
3+ years. I like the coaches, community, and the family run boutique nature of the gym.
brad2What has CrossFit done for you?
The structure, small group instruction and competitive nature of the WODs motivates me to work out harder and more consistently, and has helped me become stronger and more fit. More recently I’ve combined the workouts with a better diet which has helped me lose 25lbs and forced me to invest in a new wardrobe.
What is your favorite lift, or movement, or workout?
I like the cardio workouts, especially running, and the chest to overhead lifts (push press / push jerk / split jerk)
Write a WOD.
3 Rounds:
15 Push Press
25 Sit Ups
15 Box Jumps
Run 800
brad3What makes you want to turn around and head home?
Double-Unders. They frustrate the hell out of me, because it’s one of the only movements I can’t do, and I hate scaling to singles.
What do you do when you’re not doing CrossFit?
Spending time with my two young kids hiking in Rock Creek, drinking good wine and craft beer
with my wife, and trying to find time to squeeze in
a round of golf.
What’s your favorite movie of all time?
It’s cliche to say The Godfather, but it’s a great movie (I and II). These days I am more impressed by the depth of high quality TV shows with great story lines and incredible acting performances – The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Friday Night Lights are some of my favorites.
What’s your favorite song to workout to? Or… what song should be added to our playlist?
The entire London Calling album by The Clash, Rearview Mirror and Corduroy by Pearl Jam, and anything from Tu Pac or Public Enemy.
What would people be surprised to learn about you?
It might not be surprising since I use the PVC pipes to practice my golf swing at the gym, but I love the game of golf, playing and watching. I’ve been playing since I was 10, I am decent, not great, but if I could, I would play everyday. I am also an avid sports fan, which includes a love for the San Diego Chargers.
What’s your biggest accomplishment in the gym?
Sticking with CrossFit for 3+ years (3-4 days a week) and improving my squat mobility to a point where I almost don’t get criticized by Colby anymore. Almost.