Please take note of some of the answers to questions you are going to ask me…or not.  Either way, please be advised of the following:
1) Yes.  We will have a normal schedule on Tuesday, Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day.
2) No.  There will not be 7:30pm WODs on Tue and Thu next week or the week following.  We are running back-to-back Foundations sessions.  We are doing this because of a few requests from potential members and because otherwise we would have had to wait until after Thanksgiving week.
3) They’re runners in the Half & Half Marathon.  This Saturday morning, we will be the staging area and start/finish line for the Half & Half Marathon.  Runners will start at Second Wind, run to Ben’s Chili Bowl, eat a half smoke and run back.  The event begins at 8am, so that won’t effect you, but people will likely be finishing the race as you are doing the WOD on Saturday.  Runners have been told to try to not walk through the middle of your workout, but there may be a few who need to use the restroom.  We did this last year and it wasn’t too much trouble.
4) Yes.  Kids classes resume next week.  Varsity (ages 13-17) are Wednesdays from 4:30-5:15.  Junior Varsity (ages 8-12) are Thursdays from 4:30-5:15.  We really are looking for some more kids for the Varsity class, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please pass them along.  All classes work on a drop-in basis at $12/class.