Over these past ten weeks, I have learned a little about how businesses need to “pivot.” One day you’re running your business the way you always intended and the next day you have to do it completely differently. You look back on mistakes you’ve made, things you’ve done well and things you might have to do differently moving forward…forever.

Throughout the process, I take input from a variety of people I trust: Michelle, Second Wind coaches, members, mentors and consultants, and about four different Facebook communities for CrossFit owners. Naturally, not everyone agrees on everything. I’m watching gyms open in defiance of state orders. I’ve also seen gyms decide to close their doors forever and move 100% online. I am learning a lot about best practices. I am also keeping an eagle eye out for community spread data that may involve gyms.

The one thing that seems pretty universal is that owners for the most part have come to recognize that they are not defined by their gyms, but rather by their connections to their clients and their purpose of improving their clients’ quality of life. The universal sentiment I hear from experienced gym owners I respect is “from the day we shut the door, we never stopped coaching; we just had to change format.”  I sincerely hope that is what we are doing and that you are taking full advantage.

Today, as I wake up to a country I am beginning to no longer recognize, and as I increasingly see the world through my children’s eyes, I understand how it’s easy to lose your sense of self. Where am I? What am I doing? What am I supposed to be doing?

In a very small way (in the grand scheme of things), we are trying to help.

What we know –

  • Without support and accountability, we fall back.
  • Without community engagement, we become isolated.
  • Without a sense of normalcy, we absorb more stress.
  • Without a lighthouse, things go dark and we lose our direction.
  • With a grateful heart, we experience joy.
  • With supportive friends, we discover the value of community.
  • With coaches that care, we remain consistent.

So as we approach June 1, and I have no idea when we will be back to business as usual, I want to speak frankly about the business and you, the customer, specifically those of you who are continuing to support Second Wind through your membership.

When we closed the doors on 14th Street, you lost:

  • The “best hour of your day”
  • The camaraderie that comes with shared suffering
  • The direct movement coaching
  • Barbells and pull up bars (maybe you don’t miss everything equally)

What you gained:

  • 1-on-1 contact with a coach
  • Direct accountability and customization of plans
  • Workouts tailored to being at home with limited equipment
  • Online community through Zoom workouts

I hope and believe that our pivot in service remains the same value to you. I also understand it’s not what you signed up for. (None of us signed up for any of this.) And if this model isn’t right for you, I get it. Let’s talk. And for everyone, what can we do better?

We’re Open to Everyone

For those of you who were once with us, we’d love to have you back. We are opening our Online Coaching service to everyone and will continue it even after we open the doors. If you’re stuck at home and need some support and accountability in your fitness, please set up a virtual No Sweat Intro and let’s talk.

Zoom Classes

Finally, one housekeeping note. Starting June 1, for those without recurring monthly memberships, we will be charging for Zoom workouts. The cost will be $15/class or a 10-pack for $140. I am also watching class attendance rates so the schedule may change. For now, the Tuesday 6pm Zoom is cancelled.

As usual, thank you for making this community what it is. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.