Thanksgiving Schedule

  • Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will follow the Weekend Schedule:
  • 9am Bootcamp, 9am WOD, 10:10am WOD

A note on Programming

NCFit has recently had us on a strength cycle, where we revisit the Deadlift, a squat, and a press every week with decreasing rep schemes and increasing weights.  But it’s been a bit more repetitive than we’re used to, so while we will definitely keep having foundational movement strength workouts frequently, I’m going to be working together with some of the coaches to keep it jazzy and mix it up a bit.

Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for Kris Mangor. You know how all those towels you use to wipe everything down with magically reappear freshly cleaned and folded in your little workout tray?  Kris is the magic. She comes in, picks up, washes, folds, AND delivers clean, folded towels every week.  Because she loves the gym and wants to see it be a success.  Her generosity literally makes me tear up.

I’m thankful for Isabelle Johnson.  When I’m getting pulled 1000 different directions, she lends her ear and helps me prioritize the TODOs and keeps me sane.

The coaches. You all get paid pennies compared to what you’re worth.  You’re obviously doing this because you love it.  I can’t express to you how important it is to know, even through all of this, you’re still engaged and on point and giving your love back to the members through your guidance and expertise as we all make our way forward on our fitness journies.  Your excellent and creative boot camps, WODs, Bettys, Coaching cues, DJ skillz, and encouragement are the cornerstones of the gym. 

The members.  So many of you are finding ways to stick with us through this pandemic any way you can and it’s not any exaggeration at all to say you’re the reason the gym hasn’t closed its doors.  We’re here for you, thank you for being there for us.

The lighting.  I put up track lighting to highlight the brick walls in the gym and it came out SO much better than I ever hoped.  I think it looks amazing. THANK YOU LIGHTING!  I mean, look at this photo.  It’s all drama. 


Your Turn

I’ve given my thanks, now it’s your turn! When you’re thankful for something a coach has done, TELL THEM.  Don’t keep it a secret. Gratitude *is* happiness, spread the joy!

Morgan Pleasant

It will probably come as no surprise to those of you who are working with Morgan that she was just Nationally Recognized for her nutrition and accountability coaching by the organization we’ve partnered with to provide nutrition counseling.  We are so lucky to have you Morgan.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Grant Barker
Proud New Owner,  Second Wind Community Fitness