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I believe you joined or are staying at Second Wind because you care about our community.

I believe Second Winders understand that building community with positive social interactions and acting with integrity in our relationships are pillars of wellness equal to nutrition, exercise, sleep, and attitude.  It’s one of the reasons I think so many of you stuck with the gym through the hard times, why many of you kept paying your full membership even when the gym was fully shut down, and then afterward when the gym was open, but you didn’t feel comfortable yet working out indoors.  I mean, that’s crazy. Unless you believe in it.  Then it makes perfect sense.

Adjusting to “Pandemic Life” wasn’t easy, and switching to “Post Pandemic Life” isn’t going to be easy either, even if you *want* the changes!  Some changes are going to be happening at the gym.  Some starting today, some on the 21st, some down the road.  The changes for today reflect the overwhelming majority of our member’s sentiments and accommodate the concerns of the minority as much as was reasonably possible.

First off, thank you for filling out the COVID Survey. 63 of you responded, and in the last 30 days, we’ve had 83 people in the gym including drop-ins, so that’s at least 75% of everyone who is coming into the gym.  Of the 63 respondents:

  • 100% of you are or will be fully vaccinated shortly.
  • 88% of you prepared to workout less than 6 ft away from one another if the mayor lifts those restrictions on May 21st
  • 93% of you are comfortable sharing equipment as-is.
  • 75% of you are looking forward to the big classes, ~25% weren’t here in the before times and don’t know what a big class is.  (A big class is one where there are 18 people and the workout is a triple partner WOD where you and your team are all doing different things and as soon as one of you gets off the rower everyone rotates to the next thing.  They are TONS o’ FUN! )

Many of you expressed your support for the gym in the comments.  Thank you!  It really means a lot to me and the coaches. We work hard to create beautiful fitness experiences for you, ones that are challenging, safe, useful, and fun and it’s energizing to know we’re appreciated!!!

Moving forward:

  • Masks are optional for fully vaccinated people.

  • Masks are required for non-fully vaccinated people.

  • 6ft Personal Workout Areas are still in effect for everyone.

  • Class Size Caps are still in effect.

I will not be requiring proof of vaccination, or for members to self-identify as being vaccinated. If you see someone in a mask, don’t assume that means they aren’t vaccinated, some of you expressed the desire to continue masking up despite being fully vaccinated because even a small risk of getting COVID was still too big.

Thank you!

This is how I feel about the gym.