Rookies is a 10-session introductory fitness class for 10-12 year-olds.


Check back in SPRING/SUMMER of 2023 to Register! 

Using the CrossFit methodology and general training principles, the Second Wind Rookies Course teaches young athletes the principles of physical training and how to move their bodies and equipment safely in a fun and supportive environment. As in the CrossFit program for adults, young athletes engage in a variety of gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio-based movements including: rowing, running, jumping rope, kettlebell, dumbbell, and barbell exercises, as well as fun fitness games and challenges! Coaches work to help each athlete recognize their own unique talents and strengths, and the opportunities for growth that arise with disciplined practice and consistent effort.


What will be learned?
CrossFit utilizes a General Physical Preparedness methodology to promote athletic development across a broad range of movements and skills.  Weightlifting, metabolic aerobic conditioning, and gymnastics are the core components of a CrossFit program, and this Kids class is no different.  Athletes learn and practice how to squat, push, pull, carry, and stabilize loads, starting with bodyweight and moving to dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells. Athletes jump, run, and row, lift appropriate and safe loads, pull and push themselves up, and are encouraged to develop perseverance in the face of weekly challenges.


At its core, Rookies teaches kids that movement can be safe and fun when done with proper mechanics, that friendships are born through perseverance during workouts, and that everyone is born with the potential to feel strong, healthy, and confident through physical training.


About Coach Matt:
Hi!  I’m Coach Matt.  I’m a certified CrossFit-OL1 and CrossFit Kids instructor, and former competitive cyclist. I’m super excited to welcome aspiring junior athletes to our classes.  I attended my first CrossFit class in 2015 on a whim and have been participating in it as my main form of exercise ever since.  I love the constant challenges it provides and I find the community around it to be supportive and motivating.  I am also the proud father of Van, my 10-year-old son.  He has been training with me since he was six, and he teaches me how to be a better coach as much as I teach him how to be a better athlete.  When we’re not engaging in CrossFit, you’ll find us watching or playing lacrosse, mountain biking, or hiking. I look forward to helping your budding athlete build fitness, confidence, and self-esteem.
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About Coach Andy:
Hi! Coach Andy here! I’m a CrossFit L-1, CrossFit Kids and Spartan SGX certified coach and very much enjoy working with the young athletes in the Rookies program. It is a huge highlight of my week and I look forward to welcoming our next class of participants! As a child and through college, I participated in a wide variety of team and individual sports. If my parents let me sign up, I gave it a try! I am also an Eagle Scout and being active and spending time outdoors. Shortly after college, I mistakenly thought the demands of the adult world and a career meant putting fitness aside to focus on ‘more important things.’ What a mistake! Luckily in 2013, I found CrossFit and the amazing coaches and community at Second Wind, and over the last nine years have worked hard to make up for lost time! In addition to coaching CrossFit, I now run competitive obstacle course races and try, with mixed success, to keep my kids off screens at least one or two afternoons a week.


As a father of two, Annabelle (12) and Chiara (9), I want to teach children (and all our adults) that fitness can mean different things to each of us and that there are multiple paths towards a common goal of living healthier and stronger lives. Organized sports are a true passion for some, as they were for me, but there is also a world of options beyond the field, court or team events that is more appropriate for other children. I want to encourage each athlete to develop ownership of their own fitness journey, so they never come to lose the playfulness of a child or mistakenly believe that only certain kids or adults can develop strength, endurance and fitness. All children can be encouraged to continue finding enjoyment and health through physical movement as they grow up. And all adults can return to their own inner child, who loved to hop, skip, jump, climb, and move a growing body. Fitness is a lifetime journey and everyone can participate!



Matthew Stutts

Matthew Stutts

Trainer and Coach

  • CrossFit Trainer – OL1
  • CrossFit Kids