This is the first of three posts on the re-opening plan for Second Wind Training. The three parts are The Gym (today), The Schedule (tomorrow) and Programming (Friday).

As we have mentioned previously, when we re-open we will only be allowed to have 6 athletes and 1 coach per class. This is not because of the square footage we have, but rather because of the D.C. requirement for gyms that people maintain 10 feet apart. That only allows us to fit 6 people and you will have to do your part to help.

We have rearranged equipment and boxed out athlete stations around the squat racks.



    • Limit 6 people per class. Sign up for class ahead of time on Pike13 app (apple) (google play), or online at (scroll down to bottom of homepage).
    • Bathrooms are open, but showers are closed.
    • You must bring your own water bottle (but you can fill at the water fountain).
    • Temperature testing on arrival. Anyone with 100 or above will be asked to go home.
    • Do not come to class if you exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19.
    • Wear a mask on arrival and departure. Not required for workout.
    • Sanitize hands immediately on entering.
    • Workout equipment and sanitizing supplies will set up ahead of time at athlete station.
    • Bring personal towel.
    • No congregating indoors.
    • Gloves are encouraged (baseball batting gloves make good workout gloves).
    • Do your absolute best to maintain 10ft apart, but understand that some passing of each other within that distance is likely to occur.


  • Coaches will set up stations ahead of time based on who is coming.
  • Coaches will wear masks.
  • No tactile (touching) cues.
  • Coaches will wash hands before and after each class.
  • Doors will be open, AC running and fans blowing out towards open doors.

What if someone tests positive?
We will follow the guidelines from DC:

If an employee chooses to report to the establishment that they are positive for COVID-19, the establishment should have a notification process to share the following with staff:

  • Education about COVID-19, including the signs and symptoms of COVID-19
  • Referral to the Guidance for Contacts of a Person Confirmed to have COVID-19, available at
  • Information on options for COVID-19 testing in the District of Columbia, available at

If an employee notifies the establishment they tested positive for COVID-19 AND the employee had extensive contact with clients/visitors OR if a patron notifies the establishment they tested positive for COVID-19, then the establishment should notify DC Health by emailing with the following information:

  • “COVID-19 Consult” in the email subject line
  • Name and direct phone number of the best point of contact at the establishment for DC Health to return the call
  • Estimated number of patrons/visitors potentially exposed o Short summary of incident/situation
  • An investigator from DC Health will follow-up within 24 hours to all appropriately submitted email notifications.
  • Maintain check-in logs and class rosters with times of entry for at least three weeks, to facilitate contact tracing in the event a patron or employee contracts COVID-19.

Do I have to wear a mask in the gym?
Yes and no. We know it seems a little silly to wear a mask when you come and go but not when you work out. Our goal again is to minimize risk, so more time spent with a mask is better than less time spent with a mask. However, it is not fun or even a good idea to do high intensity exercise with a mask on.

DC Phase 2 Guidance for Gyms