Re-Opening Plan: Class Schedule


Last week we sent out a survey to members asking about their comfort level and preferences for re-opening the gym. I don’t think surveys always tell the truth, but only 55% of those who responded are comfortable coming INSIDE the gym for a workout. But many of you are fine with getting together OUTSIDE. And some of you are happy to stay at home and do your thing. So this presents a scheduling challenge, which we are going to have to figure out as we go. We are also opening on a holiday week at peak vacation season when you and almost all of the coaches are out of town.

In other words, bear with us…the schedule in the first 2-3 weeks is not necessarily what it will be permanently.

For now, classes are going to fall into four categories:

  • Workout of the Day – this is the workout inside the gym
  • Outdoor Boot Camp – this will be in the park at the corner of 16th and Kennedy St.
  • Zoom/At Home – this is the workout that has been posted and done on Zoom for the last three months
  • Open Gym – same rules as WOD; limit 6 people.

The Workout of the Day
Inside the gym, this is what we are doing.

  • Limited to 6 people and a coach in any given class.
  • YOU MUST SIGN UP IN ADVANCE FOR THE CLASS. You can do so through the Pike13 app (apple) (google play), or online at (scroll down to bottom of homepage).
  • Sign-up opens 48 hours before the class.
  • Class times in general, not everyday, will be 630am, 9am, 12noon, 5pm and 630pm. This spacing allows us to keep an hour long class without people crossing over.
  • We are not accepting drop-ins to these classes. You may come if you currently have an active membership or had an active membership when we closed on March 13.

Outdoor Boot Camps
These will be bodyweight and cardio workouts located on just 20 feet north of the statue in front of Rock Creek Park Tennis Center, Colorado Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC. Click Image for Google Maps.






  • Bring a yoga (or thicker) mat and water.
  • Sign up ahead of time, just like the other classes. Thunderstorms are a factor, so if the coach decides to cancel the class, this is how we will notify you.
  • Class times are:
    • Tuesday 6:30am
    • Wednesday 5:30pm
    • Thursday 6:30am
    • Saturday 9:00am
  • These classes are open to anyone.
  • Drop-in cost is $25.

Zoom/At Home
For those who are not comfortable coming to the gym or can’t make the other classes, we will continue to offer the home workouts we have been doing, but we are drastically cutting the number of Zoom workouts.

  • We are keeping Morgan’s Tue/Thu noon Zoom; all others are cancelled.
  • AWe have started offering a full length video of the workout which you can access and do with a virtual coach anytime. These can be found in SugarWOD under the “At Home” track.

Open Gym
This is not a class. This is when the gym is open for you to come work out on your own and a coach is in the building.

  • Same rules apply: Sign up ahead of time
  • Limited to 6 people.
  • Limited to one hour (not 90 minutes as it was before.)
  • Tuesday/Thursday 12-1pm
  • No drop-ins to these classes. You may come if you currently have an active membership or had an active membership when we closed on March 13.

For the full schedule of classes, click here. See (some of) you on Monday!