The Mayor’s Decree

Yesterday the Mayor announced new restrictions that forbid indoor group fitness classes.  We are appealing for relief on the basis of our PERFECT record of ZERO MEMBER-MEMBER COVID Transmissions.  Because our membership is cautious both in and outside the gym, we’ve only had 3 total cases of Covid in the membership so far, and no transmissions.  We know because we do complete contact tracing with individual follow ups.  YAY US!

I had a meeting with the coaches last night, and we’ve got tons of great ideas to keep you healthy, active, and engaged in our community through this lockdown.  The city was supposed to provide clarification on the new measures today, but I haven’t seen it. When the full regulations are published, I’ll send out another email with the plan for moving ahead fearlessly.

If the city doesn’t provide further guidance tomorrow, we will hold Wednesday’s classes as scheduled, for Thursday and beyond we’ll workout outside in front of the gym, and I’ll send out another email talking about 1. Why working out outside is so good for you 2. Why working out in the cold burns more fat than working out at room temperature 3. Why working out outside is better for your mental health. and 4. Why working out outside is better for our community! 

I’ll also share how to dress properly for working out outside in comfort despite a chilly breeze 🙂

More soon.  Don’t panic yet.  No matter what we’ll stick together.