Open Gym vs. the WOD.

Open Gym, unlike the Workout of the Day (WOD) is not a group exercise class. You will still be required to abide by all of the safety precautions that you would for an indoor class, but importantly: there will be no group instruction, only 1-1 instruction. Coaches will provide assistance when asked, and invite questions for assistance.

When you show up for an Open Gym, the coach will check you in, remind you that they’re not coaching a class, you’re not here for a class, and that this is not a class. Coaches, like any regular employee of a good gym, can provide you a spot if asked, review the technique for a lift if asked, or how to warm-up for a lift, watch for safety issues, and will otherwise make themselves available to answer questions *that you ask* but nothing more. The whiteboard might be blank. You’re welcome to spend your Open-Gym reservation doing a workout from any of the available tracks in SugarWOD or to create your own.

Aren’t you just skirting the rules?

Nope. In fact, they added a point into the revision to explicitly allow the Open Gym format in the REVISED PHASE TWO GUIDANCE.