Why Pose Run?

Brian MacKenzie

CrossFit - A Short Running Lesson With Dr. Nicholas Romanov, Part 2: Unweighting

At the recent CrossFit Tour stop in Big Sky, Mont., Dr. Nicholas Romanov worked with Bret Ellis to improve his running form. In Part 2, the creator of the Pose Method teaches Ellis, owner and head trainer at CrossFit Rabid in Rainbow City, Ala., about "unweighting." "It's a change of support. It's a small pose," Romanov explains. The movement shouldn't require any effort. Romanov notes that the arms aren't involved. It's about taking pressure off the ground and counterbalancing the feet with the shoulders. "This is what Usain Bolt does and nobody else except him," Romanov says. "The faster you run, the less effort we should see, because it's falling." Essentially, faster running is faster falling. "Don't think about landing—it's not your business," he tells Ellis. "Gravity will pull you down." Click here for more information and a list of upcoming CrossFit Endurance Trainer Courses.

CrossFit - Running Fundamentals (CrossFit Journal)

CrossFit Journal Preview ( To keep it simple, Doug Katona starts this CrossFit Endurance Trainer Course with the three running fundamentals: Pose/position, fall, pull. Katona emphasizes it's not posture but position at CrossFit Walnut in California. "So when you run, if you're not afraid to fall, you'll be OK," Katona says. Fast runners, he adds, have less fear of falling. The ultimate goal, Katona explains, is to reclaim the correct position as fast as possible. "I have a saying that, 'You can't get hurt when you're in the air.' So if you spend a lot of time on the ground when you run, you're asking for trouble," he adds. "The more time you spend in the air when you run, the better of you're going to be. Every time your foot hits the ground, get it off the ground."