I was watching some college football this weekend and a commercial for Planet Fitness came on. Something about it caught my eye.

At first I thought, hey, sweet deal:


But it was the kicker that got my attention:



Sure, they’re talking about the membership fee. You don’t have to commit to a year or six months, you can cancel anytime. But it was more than that. There is something not so subliminal going on here and they know it.

The business model for Planet Fitness is predicated on you NOT coming to workout, to NOT making a commitment. If everyone who joined actually went in and worked out as much as they should or they think they will when they sign up, there would be lines, the equipment would get worn down and they would have to start charging more. Planet Fitness doesn’t want you to come to Planet Fitness. 

No commitment. Please don’t commit. 

That’s not how we work. I want you to commit. I want you to commit to your health, your fitness, your family and your happiness. 

Commit to Showing Up
Can you add one more workout to your schedule? Yes, you probably can if you plan for it. Try looking at your calendar on Sunday night and committing to which days and times you are going to come to the gym. Reduce the decision fatigue during the week by deciding ahead of time. Then stick to it like you would a work meeting. It’s on the calendar…I have to go. Are you on the 9x/month plan? Consider committing to Unlimited.

Commit to the Workout
Once you’ve decided on your days, commit to tackling the workout for that day, regardless of what it is. Hate running? Embrace it or at least make friends with it. Or, hate it and do it anyways because you made the commitment. Struggle with pull ups? Commit to practicing. Don’t cherry pick your workouts. Focus on your weaknesses.

Commit to the Coaches (They are committed to you)
Trust your coaches…they know what they’re doing. If they suggest you should scale down, listen to them. If they suggest you push a little harder, it’s because they are confident you can, even if you are not.

Commit to Being On Time
Classes start exactly on time…that is part of our commitment to you. White board discussions are critical for you to understand the workout and what is expected. It reduces answering questions later. It helps you prepare for what is coming. If you are consistently walking in the door and heading straight for the bathroom while the coach is doing the White Board talk, commit to leaving your house three minutes earlier.

Commit to Your Diet
It’s very easy to out-eat a good workout. Your diet is the foundation of your fitness. If you need help with this commitment, well, we have an announcement coming up soon. 

Make a commitment to yourself and we will remain committed to the following:

We Commit to Make This the Best Hour of Your Day
Our goal is for you to leave sweaty, tired and feeling empowered. We are committed to making sure every person gets personal attention and leaves a little better than when they came in. We commit to inclusivity for all who take part, regardless of physical conditioning or experience.

We Commit to Your Safety
Our first job is to keep you safe. We watch your movements, monitor your lifts, suggest (sometimes strongly) proper scales. 

We Commit to Know You
Everyone has different needs, goals and abilities. We commit to getting to know all our athletes on a personal basis. We may need the occasional reminder, but we want to know what you want to accomplish and what’s keeping you from getting there.

To hell with Planet Fitness.

Yes commitment.