• Lazy Macro Challenge Oct 31!

  • Pumpkin Carving Party Oct 28!

The members have spoken and…they want another nutrition challenge! The 800g Challenge was a huge success, and participants asked for more, so Coach Morgan is back with the next-level challenge, Lazy Macros.

The challenge is to eat 800g of fruit/veggies each day PLUS hitting a protein target (which will be explained in the challenge). Whether you log or keep track of scoring is up to you, but by signing up, you gain access to the fun and engaging content in SugarWOD and can participate in the other aspects of the challenge, like movement and sleep. You can be as active or passive about participation as you’d like – it can be fun and useful to follow along as whatever dose works for you.

Click here to sign up. We start on Oct 31st, but Morgan will give you access to the content early so you can be prepared. Sign up, then stay tuned for another email with next steps.

Want to learn more? Come to the Pumpkin Carving Party on Friday 10/28 @6pm and Morgan will be there to talk about the challenge and answer any questions!