DC Throwdown https://throwdowncomps.com/dc-throwdown is a local CrossFit Competition that some Second Winders are going to compete in. It’s in the parking lot of Audi Field on Oct 9th if you’re interested but don’t have a partner, see if you can’t match up with someone on by emailing me at info@secondwindcrossfit.com before registering online (it’s $100/person, ask me for our discount code!).  The scaled division’s suggested minimum 1 rep maxes are here:

Scaled Standards

Clean & Jerk (135/95)*

Snatch (95/65)*

Thruster (115/75)*

American Kettlebells Swings (53/35)

Box jump or step overs (24”/20”)

Dumbbell Snatches (35/25)

*Weights indicate suggested minimum one rep max