Getting started with Second Wind begins with Foundations. This is our step-by-step, process to teach you the basics of functional movements, introduce you to who we are and what we do, and give you the confidence to start coming to class on a regular basis.  Foundations courses are typically one-on-one and include up to 4 hours of instruction across 4 sessions, but can be shorter based on demonstrated proficiency in the movements.

To Start: We start with a conversation explaining the theory behind CrossFit, what is functional movement, and how to scale workouts to your personal ability.

Then we learn how to squat. Finally, you’ll finish with a short (less than 10 mins) bodyweight workout and a high five from your coach.

After the Squats:  We learn the pressing series: this is taking a object from the shoulders to overhead. We may also get through deadlift, which is nothing more than picking something up off the ground. Then, another short workout.

Intro to the Lifts: We finish our deadlift series and introduce the Olympic Lifts! 

The Clean gets an object from the ground to the shoulders and we’ll start with a giant pillow, also known as a med ball.

See? Nothing to be afraid of.

Putting it all together: Graduation Day! We’ll review barbell cleans and finish with the world’s greatest lift: The Snatch. It incorporates *Every* skill we’ve learned up to this point.

The Snatch goes from ground to overhead in one fast motion. It takes a  lot of coordination, so we’ll start with an unweighted pvc pipe. Anyone can learn to snatch.

Finally, you’ll finish with CrossFit’s most famous workout (scaled, of course).

And Finally: Your first class! We’ll connect you with a current member from our Community Builders program to be your buddy in your first class to smooth out the transition from Foundations to being a Full Member of the gym.  It can be a little intimidating to come into a group workout setting, your buddy will help make you feel more comfortable asking questions (I promise we don’t bite… it’s our *job* to make sure you understand what’s going on and that you get a great workout in!)

When your coach sees you, they’ll ask for your name, your fitness background, make sure you understand the workout, and see to it that this is the best hour of your day!


Still not sure?

Let’s starts with a 10-15 minute conversation about your goals.

Ready to start moving?

Let’s do this!

CrossFit seemed a little daunting at first, but what I found was that the foundations class was a super easy way to ease into CrossFit. Steve was a patient and thorough coach who always emphasized the importance of doing things safely and keeping yourself healthy and injury free. A huge added bonus was that everybody (staff and fellow crossfitters) at Second Wind is genuinely nice and welcoming.

Antti K.

Member since 2016

The pacing and instruction in the Foundations course were on point. But for me, the X factor was the open invitation to learn—to try something out that I’d never done before and to join a community of people who were all rooting for me to succeed.

Laura V.

Member since 2016

CrossFit at Second Wind is a set of clear, understandable, and powerful skills, taught by patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable coaches. Diving into the Foundations class was the smartest and most rewarding thing I did that year.

Isabel J.

Member since 2016