Hosted by Molly Metz

Are you super frustrated by Double Unders? Spend some quality time with an expert getting over the hump. Let’s finally get better at doubles.

Second Wind is hosting Double Under seminar next Saturday. This seminar focuses on a re-wiring method developed over the years which includes changing your mindset and actual physical timing of your rope so you can understand how to jump rope efficiently.

This new method requires you to make a lot of changes and take a new approach to feeling and powering the jump rope.

Molly will guide and analyze you by highlighting faults, applying fixes and conducting drills so you will know what to work on when you are on your own. Molly’s verbal and tactical attention to each individual athlete is important which is why we keep the seminar max capacity number low.

Saturday, Nov. 16 (no 11am class)
Cost: $65
Maximum 14 people


About Molly Metz: Molly personally conducts all the JumpNrope Seminars. She has visited over 800 CrossFit Gyms around the world coaching and inspiring through her unique coaching methods. Molly has been a part of competitive jump rope for over 30 years. She also owned a CrossFit Affiliate for 6 years and is active in the CrossFit Community. She is known for 10 minutes of unbroken double unders.


“If you get an opportunity to attend one of their workshops, DO IT!! Molly is amazing! Hands-down, one of the best workshops we’ve hosted and attended!”
Chris Padilla – Owner Big Muddy CrossFit