Is that time of year again!

  • Sign up for Barbell Christmas Sat 19th @ 10a

Ahh Christmas. The time of year we come together as a family to test our mettle and strength against an unrelenting, punishing workout designed to crush even the fittest among us, leaving nothing behind but our holiday spirit. That’s right!  We cram all 12 days of Christmas into one jingle filled hour of giggles and squat cleans.

The 12 Days of Barbell Christmas 

  • 1 Deadlift
  • 2 Hang Power Cleans
  • 3 Front Squats
  • 4 Shoulder Presses
  • 5 Back Squats
  • 6 Push Presses
  • 7 Thrusters
  • 8 Squat Cleans
  • 9 Push Jerks
  • 10 Hang Power Snatches
  • 11 Overhead Squats
  • 12 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls

Use a single barbell throughout (95/65 lb)
First do Day 1, then Day 2 then 1, then Day 3, 2, 1, etc. 

To make sure everyone can do it, please sign up here:

Depending on numbers & weather, we’ll meet outside in the park like we did for Big Floyd.

Thank you Coach Courtney for bringing this workout into our lives!!
I, for one, CANNOT WAIT for this!!!!  I love this workout SO MUCH!!!