Tell us about yourself: 

I was born in New York but grew up in Baltimore.  I lived in Washington, DC in my 20’s but I moved to the UK to marry my now ex-husband who is British.  About three years ago I moved back to DC after 22 years in England, my own personal Brexit, with my three kids who had never lived in the USA before.  I’ve since launched two kids to colleges in the US and one is in her senior year of high school.  After determining that there was zero market for simultaneously translating British and American slang, I’ve decided to retrain as a Social Worker and am currently working on my MSW online via the Louisiana State University.  It’s my third Masters, but you know what they say – third time’s the charm!!  

What class do you usually attend: 

I started out at the 7 am in the first couple of years here but have drifted into the 9:15.  

How long have you been training at Second Wind CrossFit?… and why Second Wind?  

I joined Second Wind right after I moved here.  It’s my neighborhood Box.  I was going to a CrossFit near where I lived in the UK for a year or two before I moved and I still miss those people.  But I really appreciate the cast of characters at Second Wind and that keeps me going. 

What has CrossFit done for you?:

I was never athletic as a teenager because I went to a small private school in Baltimore and it was just team sports.  And I’m pretty capable of putting the “i” in teiam— see, I just did.  I really love being fit and physically exhausted.  This has come as a huge surprise to me.  And it’s provided me with a community that I’ve made good friendships from.  It’s the people that you see several times over the course of your week that become the foundation of your life.  Building strength and endurance hasn’t come easily so when I make improvements, however minuscule, I feel proud of myself.  And I think I’m generally happier and mentally more attuned when I’m fit.  

Favorite lift, movement or workout?:

I have an inexplicable love of the split jerk.

What exercise makes you want to turn around and go home?:

Running.  I do it, but I hate it.  And sometimes I don’t even do it. I recently had the experience where it was a primarily a running WOD and I was determined to get through it.  Unfortunately this WOD coincided with an unusually heavy representation of gazelles in attendance.  I felt like a warthog running behind the gazelles.  The gazelles were super gracious about having me in their midst but still.  Nevertheless, I did it.  

My own WOD: 

As per above, the gazelles would have a 25 lb weight strapped to their backs and be forced to sprint around an 800 meter run.  The warthogs would be scaled to a 200 meter run and then we’d all have coffee waiting for the gazelles to drag themselves back in.  

What do you do when you’re not at CrossFit?

If I’m not outright avoiding reading something for my degree, I’m triaging my kids’ current crises, making my dog lie down and stay, grocery shopping, cooking, reading the New York Times, shouting to my dog about Trump, drinking wine and watching Netflix.  I’m determined to get to the end of Netflix. 

Favorite movie:  

Blade Runner.  

Tell us something surprising about you: 

I’ll tell you three things:  I’m probably the only person you know who’s actually been to Abbottabad (the city in Pakistan where they caught Bin Laden–we were NOT there at the same time); the last time I went to the horse races in England, I won six bets in a row and decided that I could easily become a gambling addict, such was my high, that I’ve had to stay away; and I once helped Ban Ki Moon (the former head Secretary General of the UN) buy a car.

Biggest accomplishment in the gym:  

My initial thought was to say “not throwing up” but actually it was the mile run.