24/7 Access…

is a bit of a misnomer. 5:00a-11p access 7-days a week, excluding class time and 15 min before, is the reality.  We’re going to start with a very limited number of participants and see how it goes.

  • We’re starting out at $45/mo for Members-only.
  • Sign up or email grant@secondwindcrossfit.com if you’re interested in being in the pilot program.
  • Schedule a goal-setting session and get 10 workouts to get you to a PR or learn a new skill! ($95)
  • All the same noise mitigation rules of class-time apply only doubly so.
  • Starts Sept 1st!
  • Join forces with your buddies who are working on the same thing by coordinating in the FaceBook Group!  and on that note…

Functional Body Building

I’ll be programming some “Grant-Style” workouts for my own off-hours access that focus on Joint-Protecting Time-Under-Tension Tempo Reps, Muscle-Fatiguing Partial Reps, Growth-Inducing Drop Sets, etc.  If you want to join in, hit me up and we’ll coordinate a schedule.

Secret Santa’s Barbell Christmas Make-up!

Someayall didn’t able to come the July 31 BBXMAS. Face Frown. So we’re going to have a not-so-secret-anymore BBXMAS re-do!  Come Sat Aug 28th to the “open gym” at 11a.

I mean it when I say squat barefoot!

Read more on Mark’s Daily Apple – Take your shoes off! (but keep your socks on 🙂

Labor Day 9a/10a only

Holiday Schedule in effect Monday, Sept. 6th.

NYT’s a brief History of Racism and Sexism in CrossFit

This NYT article talks about how CrossFit Addresses Racism in a post-Glassman, New-CEO-Eric-Roza world.

When I was a kid and I got grounded, I really got *grounded*.
Maybe it looked like I was pouting but I just have big lips.
Really, I was feeling my connection to the earth.
Like you do when you squat barefoot!